VeeDub Camper Van



The word ‘Iconic’ is one of those words, like ‘Great’ and ‘Legend’, that is so commonplace that it’s impact is somehow diminished, diluted by overuse. There can be few examples of style and design that better demonstrate what is meant by the word iconic than the Volkswagen Camper Van. With it’s comforting simplicity allied with devastating practicality the ‘VeeDub’ carved a niche in our hearts as well as our social psyche.
The VeeDub owes its existence to post war chaos, chance and the keen eye of a man named Ben Pon. The British Army were running the VW factory in Wolfsburg and had been using stripped down Beetles as transporters to move parts across the huge factory. Ben Pon recognised the potential in these transporters and sketched his idea of a Beetle based van. Within 2 years the design was launched at the Geneva Motor Show.
By the time the 40’s had given way to the 50’s Volkswagen had produced around 90 different body combinations from delivery vans to mobile milking machines, from milk floats to police vans, ambulances and fire engines, bread vans, pick-ups and of course the Camper Van.
Throughout the decades the VeeDub has seen a multitude of design tweaks and refinements, but any change has always remained faithful to those particular design characteristics that make it unerringly recognisable as a Volkswagen Camper Van, the familiar image can be found on a multitude of modern day merchandise from tea towels to toasters and has become one of the favourite watches in the ZiZ watch range from
There is no denying, the VeeDub Camper Van genuinely is an indisputable icon of our age.…/limited-collection/number-23331/

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