Surya’s Unique ZiZ Watch!



Here’s a heart-warming story that I like to think illustrates the principles that are behind the way we like to do things here at

I’m sure you’re all familiar with out ‘NOW’ watch, that’s the one with a big bold ‘NOW’ in white lettering on a black face with a black strap.

On 30th January we received an email from a ZiZFaN by the name of Surya. Surya lives in Switzerland and wanted our ‘NOW’ watch, but being a true individual she wanted the bottom strap black (as it is on the site picture) and the top strap white.

I replied to Surya saying that I’d never had a request like that before but I would contact the ZiZ manufacturer and see what they could do. I needed to be completely certain I knew exactly what she wanted before I ordered it so Surya solved the problem by drawing the watch she wanted and sending it to me!

So I fired off an email to our fantastic manufacturers in Ukraine and sent Surya’s drawing to avoid any complications, a few days later I got the reply that they COULD make this watch as a special order. I passed on the good news and Surya placed the order and paid for the watch.

On the 13th of February, not only was I able to let Surya know that the watch had been dispatched, but I also sent a picture of the watch that ZiZ had taken for us.

Surya's Unique ZiZ Watch

Surya’s Unique ZiZ Watch

Then, on 19th February I got an email from Surya to say that the watch had arrived and that it looked great!

Fantastic !!!!

Just 3 weeks after making a totally unique enquiry we have a ZiZFaN in Switzerland with a totally unique watch. I’d like to thank the great people at ZiZ in Ukraine for doing all the work, and especially thank Surya for being individual enough to request something that little bit different and for being a wonderful person to deal with. we really will help as much as we can
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