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Here’s a little known fact about that we call ‘ Your Logo

Our fantastic manufacturer has the skill and the technology to make a totally personalised watch just for you!


We can do lots of things to personalise your special watch, for instance we can fit just about any watch with any colour strap you like, so if there’s a watch you like which you think would suit you better with a different colour strap, just let us know and we’ll sort that for you.

Last year we helped Surya get the perfect watch with a strap that was half black and half white, you can read about it here.

We can also change the watch face in a number of ways, earlier this year we helped Hagar get just what she wanted for her partner, you can read Hagars story here.

Most impressive of all though we can actually take an image and put it on a watch face. We can use a logo you have designed or a picture you have taken. There may be an issue with certain formats but we haven’t come across any as yet.

So think of the possibilities ….

You can create your very own timepiece, every time you look at it you will see that special moment or that special someone, you can see a piece of art that has a unique significance to you, if you run a business you can promote it by having your very own logo on promotional watches, how good would that be!

Browse our site and let your imagination run riot and we’ll try our very best to match whatever you can come up with.

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