Hagars Perfect Gift



Just before Christmas 2015 we received an email from a potential customer, nothing odd about that because we get lots of enquiries here at ZiZ towers, but this one turned out to be a very special one.

Hagar was the name of the lady who contacted us, as she was browsing through the site she came across a watch that with a few little design tweaks would be the perfect gift for her Fiance.

The watch was the Little Prince¬†from our ‘Style Collection’ and although the picture on the dial and the style of the watch were just right, Hagar wanted to know if the message on the dial could be written in English rather than Ukrainian.

Well that was the first email, we replied to Hagar to say we would do our best to provide just what she wanted, then we contacted our manufacturer.

This went on for over a month, emails going back and forth to fine tune the details. At one point I sent Hagar a design that had the English writing going right around the edge of the dial, but the original had the writing spiralling from the edge to the centre and that was the effect that most suited Hagar.

It’s a great pleasure to run this site, our customers generally just place an order and receive their watch and that’s the end of the story, but every once in a while we are able to really connect with a customer on an individual level and Hagar was certainly one of those.

I’m absolutely delighted (and more than just a little proud) to say that after more than 50 emails between Hagar and ourselves and more than 20 between ourselves and the manufacturer, we actually managed to provide the perfect watch.

"OMG!It is AMAZING!  Love it..love it. Can't wait to have it"

“OMG!It is AMAZING! Love it..love it. Can’t wait to have it”

The wording was right to the letter and we were able to offer a choice of colour for the strap, and to top it all off and make it extra special for Hagar the watch actually arrived on her Fiance’s birthday.

Sometimes it feels as if the Universe conspires to make everything perfect in every way

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