Christmas? Make it Personal



Christmas is on it’s way and although here at we offer such a huge selection of watches to choose from, we realise that our customers may have friends or family members who are traditionally awkward to buy for, there’s always one isn’t there!

So in true ziziztime fashion we’ve come up with the perfect solution 🙂

As you’ll see on out ‘Your Logo‘ page, almost any image can be put onto our watch dials, they can be co-ordinated with any colour strap you like from our ‘Style’ range too giving you a perfectly personalised present for anyone no matter how difficult they are to buy for.

Our eldest Daughter lives abroad at the moment and although she’s not particularly difficult to buy for we know that she misses our dog, so we thought we’d get her a ZiZ watch with our lovely Marley’s picture on the dial and take the opportunity to show our customers just how easy the process is.

So we selected a few choice pictures of our wonderful doggie and sent them along to our manufacturer asking them to let us know how the watch will look with the various pictures.

These are the pictures we sent, which is your favourite?

934712_10208835966606846_6197805221305307474_n 10588685_10204253825576184_716684584_n 11733275_10207040038429764_1034004617_n 11911128_10207336567202798_325360639_n 11923328_10207336568602833_366036979_n






They’ll reply with pictures that we can choose from, and we’ll update you then.


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