My Boy Comes Home

Just a quick update … The watches that I had made with pictures of our Staffy on the dial arrived within 3 weeks, and they are BEAUTIFUL !! (which is just as it should be ๐Ÿ™‚ ) We’re all delighted with the watches, although my eldest hasn’t seen them yet but I’m sure she’ll love […]

My Boy ZiZ Style!

Just two days after I sent all the pictures of my Dog to our wonderfyl ZiZ manufacturer they sent back a fantastic collection of images of watches all with my Marley on them. The only problem was that a few of the pictures I sent were not of good enough quality to use, but even […]

Christmas? Make it Personal

Christmas is on it’s way and although here at we offer such a huge selection of watches to choose from, we realise that our customers may have friends or family members who are traditionally awkward to buy for, there’s always one isn’t there! So in true ziziztime fashion we’ve come up with the perfect […]

Make it Your Own

Here’s a little known fact about that we call ‘ Your Logo‘ Our fantastic manufacturer has the skill and the technology to make a totally personalised watch just for you! We can do lots of things to personalise your special watch, for instance we can fit just about any watch with any colour strap […]

Hagars Perfect Gift

Just before Christmas 2015 we received an email from a potential customer, nothing odd about that because we get lots of enquiries here at ZiZ towers, but this one turned out to be a very special one. Hagar was the name of the lady who contacted us, as she was browsing through the site she […]

VeeDub Camper Van

The word ‘Iconic’ is one of those words, like ‘Great’ and ‘Legend’, that is so commonplace that it’s impact is somehow diminished, diluted by overuse. There can be few examples of style and design that better demonstrate what is meant by the word iconic than the Volkswagen Camper Van. With it’s comforting simplicity allied with […]

Surya’s Unique ZiZ Watch!

Here’s a heart-warming story that I like to think illustrates the principles that are behind the way we like to do things here at I’m sure you’re all familiar with out ‘NOW’ watch, that’s the one with a big bold ‘NOW’ in white lettering on a black face with a black strap. On 30th […]

Happy New Year !!!

We’d like to wish all our friends a Happy and Healthy 2015 It’s an exciting time for ZIZ iz TIME as we go into the New Year under new management, aiming to make 2015 the most successful year yet. If we could have 3 wishes for the New Year it would be Peace on Earth, […]